Human Language Media and Modeling Designated Emphasis


The graduate designated emphasis (DE) leading to the degree notation “with an emphasis in Human-Language Media and Modeling” (HLMM) is a collaboration of faculty from the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Linguistics, and Psychology. This DE is administered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Students wishing to complete a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation in this area must satisfy the degree requirements of a primary program as well as those of the DE. The DE is most suitable for students pursuing degrees in linguistics, computational media, computer science and engineering, and psychology. However, students from any area may work in this interdisciplinary field as long as they meet all requirements, including progress, within the primary degree program. 

The current HLMM DE faculty are:

  • Pranav Anand, Linguistics
  • Jeffrey Flanigan, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Jean E. Fox Tree, Psychology
  • Marilyn Walker, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Yi Zhang, Computer Science and Engineering


All students must demonstrate an understanding of human-language media and modeling, through prior work and the completion of a set of HLMM electives or courses.

Committee Composition and Departmental Approvals

The student’s M.S. project or Ph.D. qualifying exam, or Ph.D. committee must include one member of the HLMM faculty.

Course Requirements

All students must complete three 5-credit graduate core courses from the approved list of courses and one 2-credit seminar course and provide evidence of having attended six related seminars or invited talks.

List of Approved Courses

Three 5-credit courses, plus two 2-credit seminars are required, chosen from the list of approved courses:

CSE 240Artificial Intelligence


CSE 245
/LING 245/CMPM 245
Computational Models of Discourse and Dialogue


CSE 244BMachine Learning for Natural Language Processing


CSE 280ZSeminar in Natural Language Processing and Dialogue


CSE 290KAdvanced Topics in Natural Language Processing


CSE 243Data Mining


CSE 272Information Retrieval


/CSE 266C
Introduction to Data Wrangling


Writing, Research and/or Teaching Requirements

The student’s master’s project, dissertation or thesis must demonstrate knowledge of, and orientation to, research issues related to HLMM.

Proficiency Requirements

All students must demonstrate an understanding of Human-Language Media and Modeling, through prior work and the completion of a set of HLMM electives or courses.