Scientific Computing Designated Emphasis


Students from another degree program who meet certain requirements can have the designated emphasis of “Scientific Computing” annotated to their degree title. For example, a M.S. or Ph.D. student in physics who meets the requirements would get a certification that reads “M.S. Physics with an emphasis in Scientific Computing" or “Ph.D. Physics with an emphasis in Scientific Computing”.



Committee Composition and Departmental Approvals

Upon electing to pursue a designated emphasis (DE) in scientific computing, students must choose a DE faculty adviser in the Department of Applied Mathematics. A list of eligible DE advisers is maintained online.The student must organize a preliminary meeting with the DE adviser, and agree on a plan for completion of the requirements. Once this plan has been designed, the student and the adviser must complete the DE application form available online. The completed application form should then be signed by the Applied Mathematics graduate director, and filed in the Baskin School of Engineering Graduate Student Affairs Office. This should ideally be done before the student’s advancement to candidacy (for Ph.D. students), and no later than three months before the planned date for the oral presentation completion requirement.

Course Requirements

Students declaring a designated emphasis in Scientific Computing must complete the courses listed below.

AM 213A    Numerical Linear Algebra
AM 213B    Numerical Methods for the Solution of Differential Equations
AM 250    Introduction to High Performance Computing


In addition to the three courses listed above, students must take one of the approved electives listed below.

AM 230    Numerical Optimization
AM 260    Computational Fluid Dynamics
CSE 201 Analysis of Algorithms
CSE 242 Machine Learning
ASTR 235 Numerical Techniques 

or petition the graduate director to consider adding a different elective to this list. 

Writing, Research and/or Teaching Requirements

Writing requirements: a substantial and original written body of work related to scientific computing, associated with substantial code development or substantial modification of existing code, or development of significant computational tools for data analysis. The write-up could take the form of a paper (at least submitted), or an M.S., M.A. or Ph.D. thesis chapter, for instance.

Oral presentation requirement: a presentation of no less than 30 minutes during which the student must demonstrate mastery of the scientific computing component of the submitted written piece of work. This presentation could be the student’s qualifying exam, or the Ph.D. defense, or a separate presentation. The DE adviser must be invited to attend this presentation.

Applying for Graduation

All candidates for a degree must submit an Application for the Master's Degree or an Application for the Doctorate in Philosophy Degree to the appropriate office in their primary department by the date stated in the Academic and Administrative Calendar for the quarter they wish to receive the degree. Students who have completed a designated emphasis should be sure to note the designated emphasis on the degree application. The deadline for degree applications is typically in the second week of the quarter. A student is required to be registered or on filing fee during the quarter in which the degree is conferred.