Designated Emphasis in Computational Media


The graduate designated emphasis (DE) leading to the degree notation “with an emphasis in Computational Media” provides specialization in the theory, principles, and practices of the field of computational media. This DE is administered by the Department of Computational Media. Students wishing to complete an M.F.A. or Ph.D. degree with an emphasis in this area must satisfy the degree requirements of a primary program as well as of the DE. The DE is most suitable for students pursuing degrees in computer science and engineering, digital art and new media, film and digital media, literature, and psychology. However, students from any area may work in this interdisciplinary field as long as they meet all requirements, including progress, within the primary degree program. It is intended for students in terminal degree programs (e.g., Ph.D., M.F.A.) rather than non-terminal master’s or certificate programs. 


Committee Composition and Departmental Approvals

The student’s M.F.A. thesis or capstone, Ph.D. qualifying exam, or Ph.D. dissertation committee must include one member of the Computational Media (CM) Department faculty.

Both the student's CM adviser and the department's graduate director must sign the student's "Application for the Designated Emphasis in Computational Media" form, when the student's DE is proposed. The graduate director signs this form again when the DE is completed, and may approve exceptions either at the time of proposal or completion.

Course Requirements

All students must complete CMPM 201 (Introduction to Computational Media) and two additional 5-credit graduate courses offered or crosslisted by the CM department and/or faculty with (non-zero percentage) appointments in the department. One of the additional courses may be fulfilled through a graduate independent study (of 5 credits or greater) with a CM faculty member, with approval of the CM graduate director. 

Writing, Research and/or Teaching Requirements

The student must complete a significant piece of computational media writing. Examples include a student’s M.F.A. thesis (or substantial section of one) or a Ph.D. dissertation chapter—but other pieces of writing are also acceptable, at the discretion of the CM graduate director, including conference and journal publications.