Graduate Program

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers a doctorate (Ph.D.) and two master of science (M.S.) degree programs. Graduate students in these programs establish a solid foundation in algorithms, architectures, programming languages, and then proceed to a thorough study of recent developments in their selected area of specialization.
The normative time for the Ph.D. program is five years for a full-time student.

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program are generally supported in the form of a combination of fellowship, teaching assistantship, and/or graduate research assistantships.

The normative time for M.S. thesis track programs is two years for a full-time student and anywhere from one year to four quarters for the M.S. project track programs.

This M.S. thesis track is for students interested in advanced studies and carrying out independent research as well as those contemplating pursuit of a Ph.D. degree.

Programs Offered

Computer Engineering Bachelor’s/Master’s Contiguous Pathway

Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor’s/Master’s Contiguous Pathway

Computer Engineering M.S

Computer Science and Engineering M.S.

Computer Engineering Ph.D.

Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D.

Human Language Media and Modeling Designated Emphasis