History of Consciousness Minor

The history of consciousness minor is available for students who wish to gain an understanding of major ideas, trends and figures in the history of knowledge using an interdisciplinary approach. Topics include: modernity; the history of philosophy; capitalism; the foundations of critical theory; categories and concepts of difference; critical race theory; queer theory; gender and sexuality studies; visual culture; and the foundations of modern intellectual thought. Courses provide students with critical theoretical tools for understanding philosophy, history, race, sexuality, affect, politics, economics and other fields of inquiry. They offer foundational knowledge that serves undergraduates in many other majors in the social sciences, arts, and humanities.

Course Requirements

Lower-Division Courses

Students are required to take one, 5-credit lower-division history of consciousness course, preferably HISC 1, Introduction to the History of Consciousness (topics will vary depending on the instructor). 

HISC1Introduction to History of Consciousness


Upper-Division Courses

Students are required to take five, 5-credit upper-division History of Consciousness courses. Students may, with permission of the instructor, petition the department to substitute a 5-credit graduate seminar for one of the required upper-division courses. In addition, students may petition to substitute an upper-division course offered by affiliated faculty in other departments. Students must complete all requirements for the minor with a grade of P, C (2.0), or better.