Language Studies Minor

Course Requirements

Lower-Division Courses

The minor requires completion of six quarters of language study, or demonstration of an equivalent level of ability, and the following:

LING50Introduction to Linguistics


Upper-Division Courses

The upper-division requirements for the minor are comprised of two required linguistics courses, one advanced language course, and two electives, as follows:

Two linguistics courses:

LING101Phonology I


Plus one of the following courses:

LING111Syntactic Structures


LING112Syntax I


One advanced language course after level 6.

Two upper-division electives in linguistics or in the cultural context of the language of concentration.

Linguistics elective courses include any upper-division course offered by the Linguistics Department (except LING 101, LING 111, and LING 112). Cultural context courses are to be selected from among those approved by the department, and include disciplines such as literature, history, and politics, subject to departmental approval. These cultural context courses are related to the language of concentration.

 A master list of approved cultural context courses and a list of those available within the current or upcoming quarter are available via these links, as well as links on the Linguistics Department’s Language Studies Major Requirements webpage.

Course Substitution Policy

Students may petition the department to have elective courses offered through other institutions or other UC programs applied toward the minor requirements. At most two such courses can be applied toward the minor. These courses must be upper-division and clearly fit into a coherent program of study. Because language studies minors routinely take classes from other UCSC departments to fulfill their context requirements, these are not considered course substitutions. However, students may substitute an outside class for an upper-division linguistics elective. A list of these approved outside courses from other UCSC departments is available on the department website. The list may also be found in the Course Substitution Policy section of the Linguistics B.A. program statement.