Undergraduate Program

Literature majors at UCSC are trained in critical reading, writing, and thinking, as well as in literary interpretation. These skills have wide applicability, and offer avenues into related disciplines such as history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, politics, and the history of art and visual culture. Literature majors enter a wide variety of careers ranging from law and journalism to management, government, international studies, publishing, technical writing, and teaching at all levels. The literature major may also lead to careers in fields such as digital storytelling and electronic media; film, television, and video; theater, performance, and the visual arts.

The Literature Department faculty requires that all literature majors have basic proficiency in a second language. Proficiency in more than one language enhances understanding of any literature and culture. Graduate programs in literature and other humanities disciplines generally require competence in at least one language other than English.

Courses for Non-Majors

The Literature Department invites students from all disciplines to take courses in the LIT 60/LIT 61 and LIT 80/LIT 81 series.