ArtART103 Interactive Art: Object, Interface, Robotics

Examines computer interactivity and interface in art making through theory and practice. Students develop interactive installation and sculptural works of art. Assignments may include the acquisition and creation of digital images, two-dimensional animation, programming with MAX/MSP/Jitter, basic electronics and sensors, and digital video and audio. Discussions, readings, and critiques address content, aesthetics, concepts, and expression as well as a practical grasp of relevant software. Students are encouraged to develop research projects and explore experimental practices. Students are billed a materials fee.


Prerequisite(s): Three courses from: ART 15, ART 20G, ART 20H, ART 20I, ART 20J, ART ART 20K, ART 20L, ART 26 or by permission of instructor. Enrollment is restricted to art majors.




Elliot Anderson

Repeatable for credit