ArtART127 Architectural Design

Introduction to the fundamentals of architectural design. To convey their concepts clearly, students are introduced to visual representation techniques, including orthographic projections and paraline drawing. Students are also introduced to representation techniques of abstraction and perception, including diagramming and mapping. Students are billed a materials fee.


Prerequisite(s): One course from ART 20H, ART 120, ART 121, ART 122, ART 124, ART 125, ART 129, ART 172, ART 180B, ART 183, ART 188, ART 189; and two non-sculpture/intermedia/ public art lower-division studios from ART 15, ART 20G, ART 20I, ART 20J, ART 20K, ART 20L, ART 26. Restricted to art majors.



Repeatable for credit