Computer Science and EngineeringCSE150 Introduction to Computer Networks

Addresses issues arising in organizing communications among autonomous computers. Network models and conceptual layers; Internet-working; characteristics of transmission media; switching techniques (packet switching, circuit switching, cell switching); medium access control (MAC) protocols and local area networks; error-control strategies and link-level protocols; routing algorithms for bridges and routers; congestion control mechanisms; transport protocols; application of concepts to practical wireless and wireline networks and standard protocol architectures. Students who have completed course 80N can take this course for credit. (Formerly CMPE 150.)


Prerequisite(s): CSE 16 and either CSE 12 and CSE 12L, or CSE 15 and CSE 15L. Concurrent enrollment in CSE 150L is required.



Quarter offered

Fall, Winter, Spring


C., Katia O., Chen Q.