Electrical and Computer EngineeringECE118 Introduction to Mechatronics

Technologies involved in mechatronics (intelligent electro-mechanical systems) and techniques necessary to integrate these technologies into mechatronic systems. Topics include electronics (A/D, D/A converters, opamps, filters, power devices), software program design (event-driven programming, state machine-based design), DC and stepper motors, basic sensing, and basic mechanical design (machine elements and mechanical CAD). Combines lab component of structured assignments with a large and open-ended team project. Cannot receive credit for this course and course 218. (Formerly CMPE 118.)


Prerequisite(s): ECE 101 and ECE 101L and CSE 12 and CSE 12L and CSE 100 and CSE 100L. Concurrent enrollment in ECE 118L is required.



Quarter offered

Fall, Spring


Gabriel Elkaim, Maxwell Dunne, Michael Wehner