Tools for Navigating the UC Santa Cruz Campus

The Wayfinding Workgroup seeks to improve the tools available for navigating the campus. Over the past 18 months, it has worked on improving temporary signage, recommended improvements to the campus entrance, and developed a pilot project in the Science Hill area. Over the next two years, the group’s tasks include writing a campus policy on signage and developing outreach to inform campus constituents about the best ways to direct people to specific locations.

The campus is also in the process of developing a Master Pedestrian Plan to promote walking as the most sustainable way to traverse the campus. The final plan will include an assessment of existing conditions, including gaps in the pedestrian infrastructure, and a plan to create a more pedestrian-friendly campus.

In a parallel effort, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) is revising the information posted at each transit stop, including an overall map of the campus, and an enlarged map of the half-mile radius surrounding each stop. TAPS has also launched a bus tracking system app (developed in conjunction with the campus Computer Science Department) that allows riders to see each active campus shuttle in real time on a campus map.