Computer Science and EngineeringCSE 150 Introduction to Computer Networks

Addresses issues arising in organizing communications among autonomous computers. Network models and conceptual layers; Internet-working; characteristics of transmission media; switching techniques (packet switching, circuit switching, cell switching); medium access control (MAC) protocols and local area networks; error-control strategies and link-level protocols; routing algorithms for bridges and routers; congestion control mechanisms; transport protocols; application of concepts to practical wireless and wireline networks and standard protocol architectures. Students who have completed CSE 80N can take this course for credit. (Formerly CMPE 150.)


Prerequisite(s): CSE 16 and CSE 12 and CSE 12L; and CSE 30, or CSE 15 and CSE 15L. Concurrent enrollment in CSE 150L is required.



Quarter offered

Fall, Winter, Spring


Quian Chen, Katia Obraczka