Graduate Student Budget

Graduate Student Fees 2020-21

   One Quarter  F-W-S Quarters
Student Services Fee (formerly University Registration Fee)  $376.00  $1,128.00
Tuition (formerly Educational Fee)  $3,814.00  $11,442.00
Campus-Based Fees  $426.70  $1,280.10
GSHIP Health Insurance (waivable)  $1,646.00  $4,938.00
Total for California Residents   $6262.70  $18,788.10
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (a)
 $5,034.00  $15,102.00
Total for Nonresidents of California  $11,296.70  $33,890.10

(a) A limited number of Nonresident Tuition Fellowships are available. Please refer to the Financial Support section.

For information on fee refunds, see Fees and Expenses.

Minimum annual expenses, including registration fees, for a single graduate student living on campus are estimated to be $44,539.08 per academic year. Students should not plan to undertake graduate study without assured funding, since outside employment in the Santa Cruz community can be difficult to obtain. An estimated sample student budget for the 2019-20 academic year is provided below. Non–California residents should add $15,102 in nonresident tuition and fees to the total.


Graduate Student Budget, 2020-21

Fees  $18,788.10
Books and supplies  $1,146.00
Room and board (on or off campus) (a)  $21,495.00
Transportation (b)  $1,272.00
 Personal  $2,280.00
 Total  $44,981.10

a) Estimated room and board for graduate students living with family is $5,835.

b) Expenses of owning a car and parking on campus are not included here. For parking fees, see Transportation and Parking Services.

c) Some graduate programs are also assessed a professional fee.