Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) provides an alternative method of budgeting and paying registration fees. Fees not covered by scholarships, loans, or other financial aid, can be paid in monthly installments. Students have a choice of applying for a three-month plan for individual quarterly fees, or, at the beginning of the fall quarter only, for a nine-month plan to be used for the fall, winter, and spring quarters. A nonrefundable application fee of $25 for the three-month plan, or $60 for the nine-month plan, is billed to the student account upon receipt of the DPP application. Any student in good financial and academic standing may apply for DPP. Students receiving financial aid sufficient to cover registration fees in full are not eligible for this plan. For more information about how to apply for DPP, application deadlines, and campus policies regarding the program, contact the Office of Student Business Services, 203 Hahn Student Services Building, (831) 459-2107, email, or visit the Student Business Services website.