The Everett Program (formerly the Global Information Internship Program)

The Everett Program is focused on connecting the university to community partners on a global scale. It supports social change using the tools of technology, social entrepreneurship, and research.

The Everett Program recruits highly motivated and innovative students who are committed to developing social enterprises and contributing to social justice and environmental sustainability movements at the global and local levels. The program consists of three quarters of rigorous classes, practical technology labs, and project labs. It empowers students to focus their passion for social change by teaching them how to research, plan, design, fund, implement, and evaluate projects in collaboration with community change agents, using information and communication tools. Students are supported and encouraged to participate in outside-of-class trainings, competitions, outside grants, and opportunities to connect with the Everett alumni network.

Everett-sponsored students have worked with Muslim feminists in Malaysia, coffee farmer co-ops in Central America, democracy-advocating NGOs in Ghana, and aspiring high school students in Watsonville. For more information, see As managers of the program, past students who have become Everett Fellows also facilitate peer-to-peer technology and project labs throughout the year. These focus on training students in valuable skills such as participatory mapping, website and graphic design, digital video storytelling, social media campaigns, and robotic programming. The Everett Program’s year-long series is interdisciplinary and counts as an upper-division elective for several social science majors. It also serves as a foundation for the major and minor in global information and social enterprise studies (GISES), which is sponsored by the Department of Sociology. For more information on the GISES and Intensive Sociology major and minor, please see Sociology Department Majors and Minors.