Student Health Insurance

To ensure that emergencies and other health care costs do not interfere with a student's education, all University of California students are mandated by the UC Regents to carry health insurance. A comprehensive and affordable program specifically designed for students is available through the university via the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). All students are automatically enrolled in UC SHIP and billed quarterly through their student account, unless they choose to waive this coverage by providing proof of suitable insurance annually by the specified deadlines. For detailed information regarding insurance coverage and the waiver process, see Billing and Insurance Information page on the Student Health Center website. The Student Health Center only accepts UC SHIP, not any other health insurance plans.

For students who successfully waive UC SHIP, it is recommended that students and families consider adding CruzCare, which provides access to the Student Health Center for illnesses and injuries and covers in-house laboratory tests and X-rays, for a quarterly flat fee. Fees will be assessed for most visits for students without UC SHIP or CruzCare.