College Ten

Academic Emphases

College Ten’s theme of Social Justice and Community addresses a range of social, political, and economic inequalities--from racism and xenophobia to incarceration and educational inequity--and their impacts on society. In particular, our academic and co-curricular programs consider the injustices that many people confront in their lives, and situate them in historical, political, and structural contexts, informing possible pathways for resistance and change . College Ten provides students with opportunities to make their own positive contributions to social change through community involvement and/or scholarly research.

Additional information about College Ten academics, including Core Course requirements and other academic programs, is available here.

College Community

Founded in 2002, College Ten is the newest college at UCSC. College Ten creates an integrated living-and-learning environment through engaging academic and extracurricular programs focusing on the theme of Social Justice and Community. Student leaders, faculty, and staff collaborate to develop an array of programs exploring the many aspects of social justice. Some of the programs include faculty presentations, guest speakers, debates, films, arts events, courses, and interactive workshops. These programs unite community members in an atmosphere of mutual respect, in which contemporary and controversial issues are discussed.

College Nights

College Nights are community programs that feature a special dinner menu, entertainment, educational displays, and activities that relate to the college theme of Social Justice and Community. College Nights provide an opportunity to gather as a community several times a year to enjoy a meal and share conversations. Planned by students and staff, past College Nights have focused on Earth Day and sustainability; music and dance from around the world; and popular culture. College Nights are held in the Dining Commons and open to all College Ten students.

Student Government

The College Ten Student Senate serves as the student government for College Ten and represents its students to the college and campus administrations and to the Student Union Assembly (SUA), the campuswide governance board. The Senate appoints representatives to campus and college committees, provides monetary support to student organizations, hosts community programs, and consults with college administration on policies development. 

Rumi’s Field

Named after a renowned peace-seeking Sufi poet, Rumi’s Field offers an opportunity for students who wish to learn, live, and interact using the skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and exploring social justice through the lens of nonviolence. Nonviolent Communication strengthens one’s ability to inspire empathy from others and respond compassionately even under difficult circumstances. This community of College Ten first-year and continuing students offers the opportunity to engage in dialog and resolve conflict using NVC consciousness as a tool for personal and societal transformation.

Co-curricular Programs and Opportunities

Getting involved in co-curricular activities is a predictor of college success. Not only do college activities help students make friends, they foster leadership and group cooperation and build the key skills employers have identified that they want the work force to have in the 21st century. There are many opportunities at College Ten for student involvement. These include the following groups as well as many other programs, activities, and clubs.

Practical Activism: Tools for Local and Global Change

The annual Practical Activism Conference is a daylong, student-led conference featuring keynote speakers, multiple workshops, various on- and off-campus organizations, performances, and a variety of hands-on activism activities. Students gain valuable leadership and organizing skills through developing and planning this exceptional program, which involves collaboration among faculty, staff and the local community. Visit for more information. 


The (H)ACER Program at Colleges Nine and Ten integrates experiential learning with community-engaged research projects to train undergraduate students in the ethics of community engagement and politics of knowledge production. Students can participate in anywhere from one-day critical service learning experiences to yearlong research apprenticeships. In collaboration with our community partners, students engage in projects that address pressing issues such as social, economic, educational, and environmental injustice through an approach that pushes against deficit and damage-centered frameworks and honors the knowledge of community members.  

Multicultural Community Weekend

This two-day retreat provides students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to explore aspects of social justice, diversity, and community through a series of exercises and discussions. Participants explore issues impacting our individual identities (e.g., race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion); increase their understanding of the complexities of communicating across diverse experiences and backgrounds; build communication skills; and share in celebrating and deconstructing the diversity of our community. Students apply for this opportunity in the fall.

Terry Freitas Café

Located at College Ten, the Terry Freitas Café is a student-run lounge with a long legacy as a favorite gathering place among students. It is open daily for performances, music, and social interaction. Café student baristas serve coffee and various snacks for a small donation. The café is named after former UCSC student Terry Freitas, who dedicated his life to making the world a more socially just place.

Community Garden

The Community Garden Club meets weekly to discuss sustainability issues, integrate the themes of our colleges into the garden design and practice, and work together on soil preparation, planting, and harvesting. Members of the Garden Club learn about opportunities to work with our sister garden at Calabasas Elementary School in Watsonville.

Physical Surroundings

College Ten is situated in a redwood grove next to the Social Sciences 1 and 2 Buildings near the heart of campus. One of the campus’s Instructional Computing Labs is conveniently located in Social Sciences 1. A nature preserve serves as College Ten’s “backyard.” College Ten students have immediate access to hiking, running, and mountain bike trails in the adjacent forest.

Residence halls offer approximately 600 single and triple bedrooms. These fully furnished residence halls include student study spaces, recreational areas, and WiFi. In addition, there is a state-of-the-art dining hall with an adjoining recreational lounge and Terry Freitas Café, a coffee lounge for both Colleges Nine and Ten. Colleges Ten and Nine also house approximately 400 upper-division students in apartments, with single, double, and triple bedrooms. All apartments have full kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and WiFi. Ground-floor apartments have decks, and most upper apartments have private balconies.

For more information about academic or general college programs, call (831) 459-5034, email, or visit the College Ten website

College Ten Fellows and Staff

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