Stevenson College

“We are Stevensonians; we are free agents of history and masters of our own destinies. Every one of us is important, and we cherish our differences as much as we cherish our shared values of love, chivalry, honesty, hard work, and responsibility.”

                                                   —Seung Kyun Joseph Mok, Stevenson Alumnus/Regents Scholar

Stevenson College is named after former statesman and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai E. Stevenson. Our faculty, students, and staff take pride in intellectual critical inquiry, academic and civic leadership, and respect for students’ concerns about shared student governance, human rights, and social justice.

Stevenson College has a long-standing reputation for excellence in liberal education. The college strives to provide an academically, culturally, and socially supportive environment for all its members, fostering social responsibility and academic achievement. Stevenson alumni can be found in legal, political, educational, engineering, medical, computer and information sciences, business, and public administration careers, among others. 

The college’s faculty and staff offer professional and personal service for the diverse needs of students. Faculty and staff assist students in all areas of their academic and social experience at Stevenson College, and are committed to instilling respect for the diverse backgrounds of Stevenson students.

Academic Emphases

The faculty at Stevenson, drawn from a variety of disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, and physical and biological sciences, share a common concern for the study of social processes that shape modern society and determine the quality of our individual lives throughout various global regions and periods of world history. Linguistics, history, sociology, politics, psychology, biology, chemistry, and computer science are strongly represented in the college.

Additional information about the Stevenson College academics, including Core Course requirements and other academic programs, is available here.

College Community Programs

  • College Nights
  • Stevenson Student Council
  • Social and Multicultural Programs/Activities
  • Cultural Arts and Diversity Rainbow Theater
  • Stevenson Finals Study Breaks at the Provost House

Stevenson holds regular College Nights, a long-held tradition where Stevenson faculty, staff, and students get together for a special, themed dinner followed by entertainment.

The Stevenson Student Council meets weekly. This group is responsible for allocating college membership fees to student activities. The council also serves as a forum for the discussion of college and campus-wide issues and appoints student representatives to college and campus-wide committees.


  • Eight small residence halls, three of which are themed houses:
  • Diversity and Social Justice House
  • The Rosa Parks African American Theme House (R. PAATH)
  • Three apartment buildings
  • Stevenson Coffee House
  • Wagstaff Fireside Lounge
  • Writers' Center
  • Stevenson Library
  • Stevenson Event Center
  • Silverman Conference Room
  • Recreation Room
  • Stevenson Garden
  • Stevenson Music Practice Rooms

Stevenson has a wide variety of facilities and activities to appeal to many tastes. The college, designed by San Francisco architect Joseph Esherick, has won many architectural awards. The buildings are situated amid redwood trees and sprawling lawns, and the main quad overlooks Monterey Bay. Stevenson is situated close to the campus bookstore, restaurants, McHenry Library, gym, and pool. There are eight small residence houses at the college providing a choice of single-gender or mixed-gender floors; each house accommodates about 90 undergraduates. The apartments provide space for continuing students. Nearby are a picnic area, playing fields, and a garden.

The Stevenson Coffee House, which has become the gathering place in the college, is a friendly and inviting spot to enjoy lunch or an espresso and pastry—indoors or out on the patio. It is the scene of lively conversation, occasional musical entertainment, and chess matches. Adjoining the Coffee House is the recreation room, with Ping-Pong, a pool table, and televisions. This area is also the site of much socializing and spontaneous group activity.

In contrast, the Stevenson Library is a striking building designed for quiet reading and study. The Wagstaff Fireside Lounge, a retreat for relaxed discussion, is also used for recitals, special lectures, meetings, and residence house activities. Art exhibits (both student and professional) are on display throughout the year in the lounge, library, and coffee house.

For more information on the college, see the Stevenson College website or call (831) 459-4930.

Stevenson College Fellows and Staff

Stevenson College faculty fellows are listed on the college's faculty directory.

Stevenson College staff are listed on the college's staff page.