Biology: Molecular, Cell, and DevelopmentalBIOL 121L Environmental Phage Biology Laboratory

Introduction to hypothesis-driven laboratory research. Students isolate a unique bacteriophage and characterize its structure and genome. An understanding of molecular biology and basic genetics is required. Students are billed a materials fee. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 100 or BIOC 100A; and BIOL 101L or BIOL 102L; satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements. Enrollment is restricted to declared Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biology B.S.; Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology and Neuroscience B.S. majors.   Enrollment is by application and permission of instructor. Students cannot enroll in BIOL 121L after receiving credit with a "C' or better in BIOL 100L, BIOL 103L, BIOL 105L, BIOL 106L, BIOL 108L, BIOL 109L, BIOL 115L, BIOL 120L, BIOL 129L, BIOL 186L or METX 119L.



Quarter offered

Fall, Spring


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