EducationEDUC 110 Popular Education, Democracy, and Social Movements

Explores the connections among conceptions of communicative action, education, social movements for justice, and the formation of democratic communities in the U.S. It situates 20th and 21st century popular education practices against the unrealized promise of U.S. public schooling and the struggles of disenfranchised and marginalized communities to make schools and learning serve their needs. Finally, the course outlines principles of popular education that have emerged from social movements and that can guide future efforts to embody forms of education that are practices of freedom, justice, and democracy


Prerequisite(s): Entry-Level Writing and Composition requirements. EDUC 10 and EDUC 60. Enrollment is restricted to junior and senior education, democracy and justice majors, science education majors, STEM education minors, and education minors, or by permission of instructor.



Quarter offered

Winter, Spring


Amanda Lashaw