Environmental StudiesENVS 100 Ecology and Society

Introduction to environmental issues in an interdisciplinary matrix. Focuses on three issues at the intersection of ecological questions and social institutions: agroecology and sustainable agriculture; population growth, economic growth, and environmental degradation; and biodiversity conservation and land management. Reviews the important roles of disciplinary abstraction and of the application of that knowledge to context-dependent explanations of environmental problems.


Prerequisite(s): ENVS 23 or CHEM 1A; ENVS 24 or BIOE 20C; ENVS 25; and STAT 7 and STAT 7L, or ECON 113 or OCEA 90; and one from: ANTH 2, SOCY 1, SOCY 10, SOCY 15, PHIL 21, PHIL 22, PHIL 24, PHIL 28, or PHIL 80G. Concurrent enrollment in ENVS 100L Is required.



Quarter offered

Winter, Spring


Natalia Ocampo-Penuela, Madeleine Fairbairn, Murai Murai