Campus Cultural Programs

Throughout the year, UCSC offers frequent and varied cultural opportunities. Students, faculty, and staff may participate as audience members, performers, or behind-the-scenes support crew. The considerable range of offerings includes art exhibits, lectures, films, concerts, recitals, and dance and drama presentations. Programs vary from single performances to weeklong cultural celebrations. The colleges host a number of events, and the departments frequently engage speakers of particular academic interest to address the campus community or present lecture-demonstrations.

The Arts Division serves as a gateway to the entire university, presenting high-quality research and work by faculty, students, and guest artists. Art exhibitions, film screenings, digital arts presentations, music recitals, as well as theater, dance, and music presentations, are offered in conjunction with the academic programs. The Arts Division also offers regular public lectures and colloquia to introduce audiences to professional practitioners and scholars in the traditional and digital arts.

In addition to attending Arts Division activities, UCSC students are invited to participate in a wide variety of division activities that are open to all UCSC students. Join an Indonesian gamelan ensemble, sing in the UCSC Concert Choir, play in the UCSC Orchestra, or audition for a theater or dance production.

For up-to-date information about cultural offerings from the Arts Division, contact the Arts Division Events Office at (831) 459-2787 and visit online at and on Facebook.