The Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) advocates for graduate student interests with regard to tuition and fees, health insurance, transportation, housing, graduate student well-being, support for marginalized grad students, and other important issues. The GSA ensures graduate student representation on campus committees and works with the campus and UC administration to implement GSA Council goals. The GSA also works with state- and UC-wide bodies to represent the UCSC graduate community beyond our campus. The GSA awards research and travel grants to graduate students in order to provide funding for professional development, cover the cost of supplies, subscriptions, and books needed for research, and to assist with funding travel for conferences, research, and workshops. The GSA also organizes and co-sponsors events for graduate students, including international grads and grads from historically marginalized communities.

The GSA is funded by student fees and operated by an Executive Board. Representatives from departments that offer graduate degrees make up the GSA Council. The Council meets three times per quarter to strategize around and discuss issues that impact graduate students. For more information, contact the GSA website or email