Academic Excellence Program (ACE)

ACE is a nationally recognized academic support program that is designed to increase the diversity of students who earn bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). ACE offers active-learning problem solving sessions for selected mathematics and science courses.

The sessions provide a structured setting where students teach and learn from each other. An ACE session leader, who has an academic background in the subject, facilitates the problem solving sessions. Undergraduate co-leaders/peer mentors assist , bringing the student-to-teacher ratio to approximately 12:1. In addition to attending their ACE problem-solving sessions , students meet weekly with their peer mentor, who shares study strategies as well as opportunities for undergraduate teaching and research internships. ACE session leaders offer weekly office hours, as well as examination review sessions and academic and career planning. ACE students join a community of STEM scholars who are dedicated to academic excellence and success.

Applications are accepted quarterly for the upcoming term. Enrollment in ACE is limited and priority is given to EOP students who are planning to pursue a STEM major. For more information, visit the ACE website.