Global Learning

Through academic coursework, internships, and experiential learning, UCSC Global Learning aims to:

  • provide students the opportunity to graduate with global experience;
  • promote an internationalized campus that cultivates an understanding of our diverse global community; and
  • encourage students to study, explore and engage with other cultures—to broaden their perspective and involvement in the world.

UC Santa Cruz students have many opportunities to study abroad or away. UC Santa Cruz Global Learning programs include:

  • UCSC Global Seminars: UCSC courses taught by UCSC faculty abroad in the summer, coordinated by UCSC Global Learning.
  • UCSC Exchanges: Immersion programs at institutions abroad, coordinated by UCSC Global Learning.
  • UCSC Global Internships: Explore career goals, expand your professional network, and gain work experience either abroad or virtually, coordinated by UCSC Global Learning.
  • UCSC-APRU Virtual Student Exchange: Enroll in one online academic course offered by a participating APRU member institution, as a complement to a full-time course load at UCSC.
  • UCSC Global Classrooms: Collaborative online international learning while enrolled in an existing UCSC course, integrating project-based learning in collaboration with a classroom at a partner institution.

UC Santa Cruz students can also explore other UC and non-UC study abroad or away options, including:

  • UCDC: Academic internship program in Washington DC, coordinated by a central UC systemwide office for all 9 undergraduate campuses
  • UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP): UC study abroad provider for all UC campuses.
  • Other UC Study Abroad: Varying types of study abroad and away programs, coordinated by other UC campuses' study abroad offices
  • Independent Programs: Varying types of study abroad and away programs, coordinated by organizations outside of the UC system.

UC Santa Cruz Global Learning is available to assist UCSC students with program selection, application process, and academic planning. Students are encouraged to explore their options and plan for a global learning experience early in their UCSC career. Visit the UCSC Global Learning website to get started.