General Education for Transfers

Transfer students may apply courses taken at other institutions toward lower-division general education requirements. The disciplinary communication course(s) (DC code) must be taken at UCSC.

If you are currently attending one of the California community colleges, see the ASSIST website, consult with the UC Santa Cruz Office of Admissions, or consult your current counselor to determine which college courses satisfy UCSC general education requirements.

Transfer students who have satisfied the general education or breadth requirements of another UC campus prior to transfer will be considered to have completed the UCSC general education requirements, with the exception of the DC requirement. Completion of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) prior to enrollment at UCSC will also be accepted in lieu of the campus general education requirements, with the exception of the DC requirement. Students will need to request a Letter of Reciprocity from their former UC campus in order to have their general education requirements satisfied by completion of requirements at that campus.