Open Campus/Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment Through Extension is a cooperative arrangement between UC Santa Cruz and UCSC Silicon Valley Extension that enables members of the public to enroll in one or two regular UCSC undergraduate or graduate courses per quarter for credit. The program is administered by UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, and course credit granted appears on a UCSC Silicon Valley Extension transcript. Participants must meet certain criteria outlined in the Concurrent Enrollment application. An application fee is charged for each quarter of enrollment in addition to course fees. A first-time application fee of $110 applies.

Concurrent Enrollment through Extension may be used as a path toward a part-time or full-time degree program or as a way of studying subjects of personal or occupational interest. Credit earned through this program may be used toward degree requirements, when applicable, if participants subsequently seek admission to the university and are accepted.

Financial aid is not available to participants in the Concurrent Enrollment program.

For further information and to obtain an application packet, contact UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, 3175 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95054, (408) 450-4920, or email