History of Art and Visual Culture Courses by Geographic Region

Course List by Geographic Region

The courses listed herein fulfill geographic regional requirements for the history of art and visual culture (HAVC) major and minor. Please see the 'Courses' section of the general catalog for a comprehensive list of all HAVC course offerings. 

Note: Not all courses are offered each academic year.

Lower-Division Courses

HAVC 10 - HAVC 19: Africa and its Diaspora

HAVC 10Introduction to African Visual Culture


HAVC 20 - HAVC 29: Asia and its Diaspora

HAVC 20Visual Cultures of Asia


HAVC 22Religion and Visual Culture in China


HAVC 24Southeast Asia Visual Culture


HAVC 27Image and Ideology in Indian Art


HAVC 28Ghosts, Haunting, Memory, and Erasure in the Films of Asia


HAVC 30 - HAVC 49: Europe and the Americas

HAVC 30Introduction to European Visual Culture


HAVC 35European Visual Culture in a Global Context 1500-1900


HAVC 40Museum Cultures: The Politics of Display


HAVC 41Introduction to Modern Art


HAVC 43History of Modern Architecture


HAVC 44Designing California: Architecture, Design, and Environment


HAVC 45Photography Now


HAVC 46Introduction to U.S. Art and Visual Culture


HAVC 47Introduction To Contemporary Art


HAVC 48Climate Justice Now! Art, Activism, Environment Today


HAVC 49From Memes to Metadata: an Introduction to Digital Visual Culture


HAVC 50 - HAVC 59: Mediterranean

HAVC 50Ancient Mediterranean Visual Cultures


HAVC 51Greek Eyes: Visual Culture and Power in the Ancient Greek World


HAVC 55Unclothed: The Naked Body from Antiquity to the Present


HAVC 58Gardens of Delight: Fifteen Centuries of Islamic Visual Culture


HAVC 60 - HAVC 69: Native Americas

HAVC 60Indigenous American Visual Culture


HAVC 64Indigenous North American Materiality and Resistance


HAVC 65Native American Art and the Environment


HAVC 70 - HAVC 79: Oceania and its Diaspora

HAVC 70Visual Cultures of the Pacific Islands


HAVC 80 may be used to fulfill a lower-division requirement for one of the following geographic regions: 10s (Africa), 60s (Native Americas), or 70s (Oceania). 

Upper-Division Courses

HAVC 110 - HAVC 119: Africa and its Diaspora

HAVC 110Visual Cultures of West Africa

HAVC 111Visual Cultures of Central Africa

HAVC 115Gender in African Visual Culture

HAVC 116African Architecture

HAVC 117Contemporary Art of Africa

HAVC 118Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora

HAVC 119Arts and Politics of African Urban Space

HAVC 120 - HAVC 129: Asia and its Diaspora

HAVC 122ASacred Geography of China

HAVC 122BConstructing Lives in China: Biographies and Portraits

HAVC 122CWriting in China

HAVC 122DChinese Landscape Painting

HAVC 122FBodies in Chinese Culture

HAVC 123AModernity and the Arts of India

HAVC 123BReligions and Visual Culture of South Asia

HAVC 124AArts of Ancient Southeast Asia

HAVC 124BHistory of Photography in Southeast Asia

HAVC 124CArts and Politics in Theravada Traditions

HAVC 124DContemporary Art of Southeast Asia and its Diaspora

HAVC 124ESoutheast Asian-American and Diasporic Visual Culture

HAVC 127ABuddhist Visual Worlds

HAVC 127BBuddhist Pure Lands

HAVC 127CRitual in Asian Religious Art

HAVC 127DStorytelling in Asian Art

HAVC 127EModern/Contemporary Architecture of the Asia Pacific

HAVC 127FThe Politics of Exclusion: Asian American Visual Culture

HAVC 130 - HAVC 149: Europe and the Americas

HAVC 133AThemes in the Study of Medieval Visual Culture

HAVC 135BGerman Art, 1905-1945

HAVC 135DArt, Revolt, and Revolution in Europe 1750-1850

HAVC 135EJewish Identity and Visual Representation

HAVC 135FArt of the Book in Western Europe 500-1600

HAVC 135GBlood, Guts, and Gore: Representing War from Leonard da Vinci to Abu Ghraib

HAVC 135HTopics in European and Euro-American Visual Culture

HAVC 135KArt and Science in Europe 1500-1900

HAVC 135LNineteenth-Century Europe in Prints

HAVC 135PParis, Capital of the 19th Century

HAVC 137ANorthern Renaissance Art

HAVC 137ERenaissance Prints

HAVC 140AAmerica in Art

HAVC 140BVictorian America

HAVC 140CRace and American Visual Arts

HAVC 140DChicano/Chicana Art: 1970-Present

HAVC 140EArt and Science in America: Contact to circa 1900

HAVC 140PPop Culture as High Art

HAVC 141AModern Art: Realism to Cubism

HAVC 141BDeath, Desire, and Modernity

HAVC 141CModern Art: Pop to Present

HAVC 141EHistories of Photography

HAVC 141FThe Camera and the Body

HAVC 141HMedia History and Theory

HAVC 141IBe Here Now: Art, Land, Space

HAVC 141JCritical Issues in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture

HAVC 141KActivist Art Since 1960: Art, Technology, Activism

HAVC 141LMuseums in the Internet Era

HAVC 141MMuseum Practices

HAVC 141NData Cultures: Art, Technology, and the Politics of Visual Representation

HAVC 141OSex, Lies, and Surveillance: Contemporary Documentary Arts

HAVC 141PNetworks and Natures: Art, Technology, and the Nonhuman

HAVC 142Contemporary Art and Ecology

HAVC 142MMuseum Exhibitions

HAVC 143AContemporary Architecture and Critical Debates

HAVC 143BHistory of Urban Design

HAVC 143CLatin American Modern Architecture

HAVC 143DArchitecture and the City in Modern and Contemporary Visual Culture

HAVC 143EHistory of Design: The Objects of Technology, 1850-The Present

HAVC 143FMemory, Place, and Preservation in Modern Architecture

HAVC 143GAfter Utopia: Architecture and the City, 1968-Present

HAVC 144ALatin American Art and Visual Culture

HAVC 150 - HAVC 159: Mediterranean

HAVC 151Greek Myths Antiquity to the Present

HAVC 152Roman Eyes: Visual Culture and Power in the Ancient Roman World

HAVC 153Neither Venus Nor Virgin: Women's Lives Beyond Men's Constructs in Late Antiquity and Byzantium

HAVC 154Byzantine Visual Culture: Politics and Religion in the Empire of Constantinople, 330-1453 A. C

HAVC 155Constructing Cleopatra: Power, Sexuality, and Femininity Across the Ages

HAVC 157BItalian Renaissance: Art and Architecture

HAVC 157CHigh Renaissance

HAVC 157DArt of the Venetian Renaissance

HAVC 160 - HAVC 169: Native Americas

HAVC 160AIndigenous American Visual Culture Before 1550: Mexico

HAVC 160BIndigenous American Visual Culture Before 1550: The Andes

HAVC 162ASpecial Studies in Early Indigenous American Visual Culture: The Ancient Maya

HAVC 162BSpecial Studies in Early Indigenous American Visual Culture: The Inka

HAVC 163The Native in Colonial Spanish America

HAVC 164AArt and Visual Culture of Indigenous California

HAVC 165Indigenous Artists and the Borderland Missions

HAVC 170 - HAVC 179: Oceania and its Diaspora

HAVC 170Art of the Body in Oceania

HAVC 172Textile Traditions of Oceania

HAVC 178Museums and Cultural Heritage in Oceania

HAVC 179Topics in Oceanic Visual Culture