Visual Studies Designated Emphasis


UC Santa Cruz graduate students enrolled in doctoral programs may obtain a designated emphasis in visual studies as part of their Ph.D. degree.


Graduate students enrolled in doctoral programs at UC Santa Cruz may obtain a Designated Emphasis in visual studies on their Ph.D. degree by meeting the following requirements:

Committee Composition and Departmental Approvals

Secure approval from a core member of the visual studies faculty to serve as an adviser for their designated emphasis.

Have at least one core member of the visual studies faculty serve on either their qualifying examination or dissertation committee.

Course Requirements

Successfully complete four graduate courses taught by either core or affiliated members of the Visual Studies program. The courses must form a coherent cluster in visual studies and be pre-approved by the student's designated emphasis adviser.

Writing, Research and/or Teaching Requirements

Submit a significant piece of writing that demonstrates competency in the field. The writing could take the form of a seminar paper or dissertation chapter. The essay must meet the approval of the student's visual studies adviser.