Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate Program is designed to help prepare students who wish to teach English as second or additional language, whether overseas or in certain contexts in the United States. This certificate is an entry-level credential that serves as evidence for future employers that students’ have received training in the theory and practice of English language teaching.  

The TESOL certificate is not limited to applied linguistics and multilingualism majors. Students from any major are welcome to earn this certificate. The certificate requires the completion of six courses (LING 50, APLX 101, APLX 113, APLX 135, APLX 136, and APLX 138), and typically takes two academic years to complete.

In order to begin working toward the TESOL certificate, students should make an appointment with the faculty director of the applied linguistics and multilingualism major (https://language.ucsc.edu/) as early as possible in their academic career, as the coursework typically requires two academic years to complete.

Required Courses

There are six required courses for this certificate (prerequisites in parentheses):

1. LING 50: Introduction to Linguistics
2. APLX 101: Second Language Acquisition (APLX 80 or LING 50)
3. APLX 113: Intercultural Communication (junior or senior standing)
4. APLX 135: Second Language Teaching (junior or senior standing)
5. APLX 136: Second Language Assessment (APLX 135)
6. APLX 138: English Grammar for TESOL (APLX 80 or LING 50)