Applied Linguistics

APLX 105 Language Loss

The phenomenon of losing your native language is well attested anecdotally by many speakers who are separated from their first language environment. Course provides a broad overview of first language attrition (loss) in different populations including adult native speakers, children, international adoptees, heritage speakers, and bilingual returnees. Examines the linguistic aspects of attrition in order to determine which areas of language are typically impacted by attrition, then focuses on individual differences (e.g., identity) and contextual factors (e.g., input) that may speed up or prevent attrition. Emphasizes considering first language attrition and second language (L2) acquisition as two inseparable sides of bilingualism, both in individual speakers and in bilingual communities.


Prerequisite(s): APLX 80 or LING 50 or by permission of instructor.




Eve Zyzik