Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary

BIOE 159C Marine Ecology Field Quarter: Methods in Field Ecology

Students learn quantitative methods for field experiments and surveys. Emphasis will be on marine environments, but there will also be exposure to terrestrial systems. This is the lecture component to BIOE 159D. No text is required for this course; instead, readings from the current literature will be assigned. Students are evaluated on written independent field project proposals and class participation. Admission by interview during previous winter quarter. BIOE 159A, BIOE 159B, BIOE 159C, and BIOE 159D are equivalent to BIOE 127, BIOE 127L, BIOE 108, and BIOE 158L for major requirements. BIOE 159A, BIOE 159B, BIOE 159C, and BIOE 159D must be taken concurrently.




Giacomo Bernardi, Suzanne Alonzo, Peter Raimondi