Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary

BIOE 161 Kelp Forest Ecology

Study of organization of kelp forests as models for examining biological communities. The physical and biotic factors responsible for community organization of kelp forests are explored using original literature and data collected in BIOE 161L. Class meets one full morning each week. Prerequisite(s): by interview only; BIOL 20A, BIOE 20B, and BIOE 20C are required. Students must pass the University Research Diving Certification (contact the diving safety officer, Institute of Marine Sciences, for further information). Enrollment is restricted to seniors. BIOE 161L must be taken concurrently; BIOE 107, BIOE 120 & BIOE 120L, BIOE 122 & BIOE 122L are recommended.



Quarter offered



Peter Raimondi, Mark Carr