Biology: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental

BIOL 101L Molecular Biology Laboratory

Laboratory course providing hands-on experience with, and covering conceptual background in, fundamental techniques in molecular biology and biochemistry, including DNA cloning, PCR, restriction digest, gel electrophoresis, protein isolation, protein quantification, protein immunoblot (Western) analysis, and use of online bioinformatics tools.


Prerequisite(s): BIOL 20L or BIOL 102J or BIOL 107J; and previous or concurrent enrollment in BIOL 101, BIOC 100A & BIOC 100B, or METX 140 is required. Students cannot receive credit for this course and BIOL 102L, BIOL 107L, BIOL 122K, CHEM 160K, or CHEM 161K. Enrollment is restricted to biochemistry and molecular biology; biology B.S.; microbiology; molecular, cell, and developmental biology; and neuroscience majors.




The Staff