Biology: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental

BIOL 104L Coronavirus Bioinformatics Lab

The overall objective of this lab is to apply bioinformatic tools to analyze the structure, function, and evolution of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic). Students experience using web-based tools to retrieve and annotate genetic sequences, align sequences from related species, perform phylogenetic analyses, design sequence-based diagnostic protocols, and perform three-dimensional protein structure analyses.


Prerequisites: BME 105 or BIOL 105; and BIOC 100A or BIOL 100; and BIOL 20L or BIOL 101L. It is assumed that students have minimal level exposure to bioinformatic/sequence analysis tools prior to this course. Students who have taken BME 110 should not enroll in this lab. Enrollment is restricted to biology B.S., biochemistry and molecular biology, human biology, molecular, cell and developmental biology, and neuroscience majors.