College Nine

CLNI 60 Water Justice: Global Insights for a Critical Resource

Groundwater is a challenging resource to manage and conserve, one critically depleted across our state, country and world. Course explores the many manifestations of groundwater access, use and justice on multiple interlocking scales (i.e. local, national, transnational) while illustrating analytical ideas connecting to a range of socio-environmental processes including urbanization and infrastructure development, deprivation and exclusion, privatization of land and water, and claims for human rights. We will draw from cases based on our multi-country research project that brings together scholars and practitioners from Latin America, Europe, Africa and South Asia. Students will have the opportunity to conduct qualitative and secondary research contributing to the California case study in the Central Coast, focused on groundwater governance and perspectives of Latinx farmworkers and residents. 


Enrollment is restricted to College Scholars students.



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