Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

CRES 190P Trans of Color Performance and Media

Trans of color poetics is a decolonial method of study and creation that decenters Western conceptions of gender, race, and identity. Students study trans of color performance and media art, and create performance art in response. Trans of color poetics is an emerging field that is in dialog with queer of color theory and women of color feminism. Students also read trans of color theory and learn about these genealogies, and read performance studies and watch performance artworks to understand the genres of performance and media art as artistic movements where artists make art with bodies in time and space. Assignments include performances on video and photo, as well as writing assignments.


Prerequisite(s): CRES 10, CRES 100, and CRES 101; and satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements. Enrollment is restricted to senior critical race and ethnic studies majors.




Micha Cardenas