Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 5J Introduction to Programming in Java

Introduces programming in Java for students who have no prior programming experience. Students learn programming and documentation skills, as well as algorithmic problem-solving, and programming methodologies. Introduces computers, compilers, and editors. Students write small to medium-sized programs. This course and CSE 5C and CSE 5P cover similar concepts, but use different programming languages. Because CSE 5J followed by CSE 11 is a two-quarter alternative to the accelerated course CSE 12A and CSE 12L, engineering majors and students planning on continuing the programming sequence are encouraged to take CSE 5J rather than CSE 5C or CSE 5P. Students may not receive credit for CSE 5J taken concurrently or subsequently to CSE 12A, CSE 12B, or Computer Engineering 13. (Formerly CMPS 5J.)



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