Earth Sciences

EART 116 Hydrology

Introduces processes involving water on and near Earth's surface, including meteorology, water properties, surface flows in steams and runoff, flood analysis, ground water, water budgets, sediment transport, erosion, and water quality. Problem set and laboratory each week. Laboratory/field: 3 hours.


Prerequisite(s): EART 5 or EART 10 or EART 20; and MATH 11A or MATH 19A or AM 15A; and PHYS 6A and PHYS 6L, or PHYS 5A and PHYS 5L, or by permission of the instructor. EART 5L or EART 10L or EART 20L and PHYS 6B and PHYS 6M are recommended. Enrollment is restricted to majors and minors in Earth sciences and the combined majors with anthropology and environmental studies, and to majors in environmental sciences.