Earth Sciences

EART 146 Groundwater

Explores saturated and unsaturated fluid flow below Earth's surface, well hydraulics, and resource evaluation and development, flow simulation, field techniques, geochemistry, and contaminant transport and remediation. Weekly reading and problem sets, midterm and final exams, and a final paper.


Prereq(s): ELWR; and EART 5, 10 or 20; and MATH 11A, 19A or 20A; and PHYS 6A/6L or PHYS 5A/5L; and CHEM 1A or CHEM 3B or CHEM 4B. Enrollment restricted to majors/minors in EART, EART/ANTH and EART/ENVS combined majors, and ESCI. Coreq: EART 146L.



Quarter offered