MUSC 105T Tuning and Acoustics Through Monophony, Heterophony, and Polyphony

Explores tuning and acoustics across various cultures throughout music history. Surveying foundational tuning theories developed in ancient Greece, the course follows tuning developments up to the modern era with a focus on how these theories are manifest in the acoustics of instrument building. Categorizations specific to instruments and instrument building (chordophone, aerophone, idiophone, etc.) are outlined in relationship to their historical acoustic and tuning practices. Additionally, the categorizations of monophony, heterophony, and polyphony are applied to the various cultures of music that is surveyed, informing the ensuing considerations pertaining to tuning, acoustics, and instrument building.


Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements, and MUSC 30A, or by permission of instructor.




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