SOCY 143 Black Botanical Medicine in the Americas

How have plants been part of Black-led community health and healing in the Americas? How has this botanical knowledge been central to material and discursive geographies of blackness; to how blackness is lived; and to how blackness is constructed in health narratives, policy, and movements? In addition to learning about Black botanical knowledge in North and Latin America (African-American and Afro-Latinx), students analyze their own social locations; interrogate assumptions about local and traditional plant knowledge; and encounter broad understandings of health that include environmental, economic, and spiritual dimensions. Students engage with academic texts, news stories, art, and creative writing.


Prerequisite(s): SOCY 1 or SOCY 10 or SOCY 15 or CRES 10 or CRES 68 or POLI/ANTH/BIOL 89, or by instructor permission. Enrollment is restricted to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.



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Naya (Natalie) Jones