Estimated Personal Expenses

The figures given for estimated personal expenses are for a single undergraduate living on campus. Expenses will be higher for married students, students with children, and graduate students. The information is as current and as realistic as possible; however, expenses for students vary in accordance with lifestyles, priorities, and obligations.

Room and board (in college residences). Rates for room and board in the college residence halls depend on the type of accommodation and meal plan. The current rates may be found on the campus Housing Office website. The room and board amount in the Undergraduate Budget table above is the average cost for an on-campus student with the average meal plan and additional Flexi Dollars.

Personal Expenses. This budget item covers a broad range of expenses including clothing, laundry, personal grooming, recreation, and health maintenance. It also covers minimum expenses for modest travel to visit family.

Rates are paid quarterly. The rate ranges listed above do not cover periods of academic recess, nor does the budget above. Housing charges are normally payable at the beginning of each quarter. However, students may arrange with the Campus Housing Office to pay monthly.

More detailed information on room and board expenses for the individual colleges is available in the Undergraduate Housing Rates brochure distributed as part of the admission process or available from the Campus Housing Office, 104 Hahn Student Services Building, (831) 459-2394.