Required Fees

Required fees are due and payable before the start of each quarter. At the beginning of each quarter, you will need sufficient funds to cover tuition and fees, housing, books and supplies, and UC student health insurance (waivable). For many financial aid recipients who are enrolled at least half time, tuition and fees on the student account are paid automatically with approved student aid funds.

The Student Services Fee funds student services that provide a supportive and enriching learning environment and that are complementary to, but not part of, the instructional program. Programs include, but are not limited to, services related to the physical and psychological health and well being of students; social and cultural activities and programs; services related to campus life; and educational and career support.

Tuition helps support student financial aid and related programs; administration; libraries; operation and maintenance of facilities; the university’s operating budget; and all costs related to instruction, including faculty salaries.

Santa Cruz Campus Fees help support a wide range of student services, including college and campuswide student government, extracurricular programs and recreation facilities, campus child care, community and public service projects, Educational Opportunity Programs and scholarships, and free-fare use of the local transit systems. Campus fees paid by graduate students are provided at Student Fees.

In addition, all students, including international students, are assessed a mandatory Health Insurance Premium. The Cowell Student Health Center provides the primary care services for the plan while a contracted insurance company provides major medical and hospitalization insurance. Dependent coverage is also available. Detailed information is available at the Health Center website or at the Student Health Insurance Office, (831) 459-2389.

Waivers from the mandatory health insurance premium are available if you can show that your private insurance provides coverage equal to or better than the student health insurance plan. Deadlines for applying for a waiver are listed in the Schedule of Classes.

Some courses charge an additional Course Materials Fee. These fees recover the cost of materials, supplies, equipment, and support services not covered by the normal instructional budget. The fees are reviewed and approved annually by the Miscellaneous and Course Materials Fee Advisory Committee. The list of specific courses charging fees in 2019–20 is available in the quarterly Schedule of Classes and on the web at Course Fees.