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Programs Offered

Statistics Minor

Statistical Science Contiguous Bachelor's/Master's Pathway

Statistical Science M.S.

Statistical Science Ph.D.

Statistics Designated Emphasis (D.E.)

Data Science Designated Emphasis (D.E.)

Statistics is a discipline devoted to the use of mathematical methods and reasoning to solve real-world problems of a scientific or decision-making nature in a wide variety of subjects, principally (but not exclusively) in engineering, medicine, the physical and biological sciences, and the social sciences. Statistics, construed broadly, is the study of uncertainty: how to measure it (using ideas and methods in probability theory), and what to do about it (using concepts from statistical inference and decision theory).

The Statistics Department at UC Santa Cruz offers M.S. and Ph.D. programs in statistical science. The goal of these programs is to help students develop into independent scholars who are prepared for productive careers in research, teaching, and industry. The department also offers a designated emphasis in statistics and a minor in statistics.

Additional information on these programs can be found on the department website.