Literature Minor

Students who minor in literature take courses that examine a variety of literary and visual texts and cultural artifacts from around the world, produced from pre-antiquity through the present. The literature minor requires a total of seven literature courses; literature minors do not have to satisfy certain major requirements such as second-language proficiency, distribution requirements, or a senior seminar.

Students must complete LIT 1 or its equivalent prior to declaring the minor. In order to declare the minor, students meet with a department advisor to complete and submit a Proposed Study Plan and Declaration of Major/Minor petition. All students considering a minor should consult with a department advisor as early as possible to make an academic plan.

Course Requirements

The minor in literature requires seven courses.

Lower-Division Courses

Two lower-division courses are required:

LIT 1Literary Interpretation


This is a writing-intensive course.


One LIT 60/LIT 61-series course: categories, methodologies, and problems of literary study, or one LIT 80/LIT 81-series course: topical, thematic, and comparative studies of literary and filmic texts. LIT 60/LIT 61 and LIT 80/LIT 81 courses are recommended for both literature minors and non-majors.

Upper-Division Courses

Five upper-division courses are required:

LIT 101Theory and Interpretation



Four other upper-division literature courses (except creative writing courses). The literature minor does not require second-language proficiency or a senior seminar.