Physical and Biological Sciences Division

204 Natural Sciences 2 Annex
(831) 459-2931 

Programs Offered 

A broad range of majors is offered through the physical and biological sciences. The intellectual rigor of these majors ensures that our graduates are well prepared for further studies in graduate and professional schools, as well as careers in scientific research, environmental research, medicine, law, engineering, technology, and business.

The interdisciplinary framework of the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences provides students with the opportunity to attend classes and pursue research that ranges from the study of atoms to the examination of distant galaxies, from abstract number theory to the development of new chemical compounds, or from evolution to plate tectonics. These experiences equip students not only with the skills to explore and discover the world, but also to define and improve it.

Departments and programs affiliated with the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences include the Departments of Astronomy and Astrophysics; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Earth and Planetary Sciences; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology; Mathematics; Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology; Ocean Sciences; Physics; and programs in Coastal Science and Policy, and Science Communication. More information about our undergraduate and graduate programs can be found on our website.