Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP)

The Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) provide a variety of academic and personal support designed to improve the retention and academic success of first-generation low-income and educationally disadvantaged college students. EOP helps ensure that these students successfully complete their undergraduate education and acquire the skills to prepare for graduate and professional school, as well as for future leadership roles.

Building on the legacy of the Civil Rights movement, EOP’s equity-minded staff team (students and professionals) advocate for and partner with each student and the larger campus community, from the first year and beyond graduation, to dismantle systemic barriers to their success, uncover the hidden curriculum, and cultivate a space where they can learn and belong at UC Santa Cruz.

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a first-year experience program that supports and guides students in their transition from high school to university. Participants are first-generation college students who may come from low-income backgrounds and under-resourced California high schools. The program is designed to prepare students for the academic rigors of the university by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to achieve academic excellence in their first year and throughout their undergraduate career.

Support Services for AB540 Students

AB540 Student Services provides a broad range of support services designed to address the needs of AB540 students. These services address the gaps that AB540 students face within the university and enhance student achievement. Services provided to students include mentoring, community-building events and programs, personal advising, and student-based support.

Textbook Lending Program

This program is designed to assist students in obtaining required textbooks that they would not be able to purchase on their own due to cost. To receive textbook assistance, students must demonstrate financial hardship and must have exhausted all other forms of financial aid available to them. This includes all forms of loans (subsidized and unsubsidized).

Pre-Graduate Programs

EOP also sponsors two pre-graduate programs designed to increase the placement of EOP students in professional and doctoral programs and to encourage the pursuit of academic careers.

  • The Graduate Information Program (GIP) supports students seeking to pursue graduate and professional school education. Services include graduate and professional school advising; graduate school application and internship-related workshops; graduate school resource library and website; website to conferences and forums
  • Pathways to Research (P2R) exposes undergraduate students to research opportunities and research-based graduate programs. With the assistance of their graduate mentor, participating students determine their short-term goals for the quarter and long-term goals for the school year related to exploration of and involvement in research. Students engage in bi-weekly meetings with their mentor to report on progress and plan next steps to reach their goals. P2R is a two-quarter commitment (Winter and Spring). Mentees will receive a $300 stipend upon successful completion of the program.

For detailed information about EOP's comprehensive resources, visit, drop by their office at 121 Academic Resources Center, Monday through Friday, email, or call (831) 459-2296 .