Academic Progress

Academic progress is a measure of the completion of courses with a D- or better, or Pass. Colleges monitor academic progress to ensure you are progressing toward your degree, which must be earned within 15 quarters of enrollment (five years).

Minimum progress is based on length of time at University of California, Santa Cruz. You are required to make minimum progress toward your degree by maintaining total earned credits equal to or greater than the cumulative total of (a) 35 credits for the first academic year of full time enrollment, (b) 72 credits for the first two academic years of full-time enrollment (c ) 36 credits for each additional year of full-time enrollment, and (d) four-fifths of the credits attempted in part-time enrollment. Credit transferred from other institutions upon enrollment at the UC Santa Cruz, is not included in minimum progress calculations.

If you do not maintain minimum progress, your college may require you to take higher course loads, complete Summer Session courses, or make other adjustments to your study plan.

A separate financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy (FASAP) defines the GPA and progress requirements for remaining eligible to receive financial aid. Information can be found on the Undergraduate Academic Progress and Financial Aid Information website.